Cyprus permanent residence permit for EU citizens: How to obtain a Yellow Slip in 2019

The Cypriot Residency Permit, commonly known as 'Yellow Slip’, as it is printed on yellow paper, is available to European (EU and EEA) citizens who wish to stay and work or remain as visitors in the Republic of Cyprus.

The application for the issue of the Yellow Slip in Cyprus is submitted within four months from the date of entry into the Republic.

Cyprus Yellow Slip application forms

The Application type and forms are different for European Union Citizens and their family members who are not European.

Application form MEU1

Citizens of European Union and their family members who are also Citizens of the European Union apply with the MEU1 form.

Processing time – The Yellow Slip is issued immediately or within maximum 5 days. It is issued directly from the immigration unit of the city that the applicant lives and applies.

Validity / Expiry – The Yellow Slip for European Union Citizens does not expire.

Application form MEU2

Family members who are not European Union Citizens apply with the MEU2 form.

Processing time – The Yellow Slip is issued by the Civil Registry and migration department at Nicosia and is mailed to the applicant’s address, this procedure takes about 3-5 months.

However once applied the applicant is allowed to stay, and even re-enter Cyprus if he travels with his application receipt.

Validity / Expiry – The Yellow slip for non-EU Family members has a validity of 5 years, on expiry the applicant can apply for renewal.

Cyprus Yellow Slip requirements

Necessary Documents

  1. Application forms MEU1 & MEU2 duly completed
  2. Copy of valid passport
  3. Marriage Certificate duly certified and translated *(If applicable)
  4. Children Birth Certificates duly certified and translated *(If applicable)
  5. Rental agreement or sale agreement of a house/apartment.

    The rental agreement needs to be for one-year minimum (rental agreement and a copy of it certified by Muhtar or certifying officer & stamped at tax office)

  6. Bank statements of a bank account in Cyprus or bank statements from abroad (if applicable)
  7. If working abroad to bring confirmation letter from employer and pay slip
  8. If they are working in Cyprus:
    a. Confirmation letter from employer
    b. Social Insurance Registration and annual income certificate
    c. Employer to sign the application form
  9. Health insurance (not needed if working in Cyprus)

    It can be international health insurance if the applicant already has one or it can be made in Cyprus. The average cost is €200 for each person it can be made in 1 day.

  10. Two small passport photos

The documents with (*) require to be translated in English and be «APOSTILLE» OR be certified by the Ministry of foreign affairs of the country that will issue them and also by the Cyprus Embassy of that Country.

Cyprus government fees

€20 for each family member.

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