Cyprus Digital Nomad visa

Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa Scheme is a remote work policy used across the European Union that was introduced by a Council of Ministers Decision on 15 October 2021.

The EU describes the scheme as “teleworking for third-country nationals”

In 2022 applicants obtain a Cyprus Digital Nomad visa by proving that they:

  • work remotely in the IT sector while residing in Cyprus;
  • work for an employer or clients from abroad;
  • have an income of at least EUR 3,500 net;
  • have a suitable place to stay in Cyprus.

Across the world, the digital nomad is a phenomenon tied to the global market, the current mobile lifestyle, the use of technology, and what is called “residential tourism” or “business tourism”. Digital nomads search for both freedom and meaningful work.

Cyprus also responds to this trend, strengthening its position further as a center for providing services.

What is a Cyprus Digital Nomad visa?

Cyprus Digital Nomad visa is a scheme that applies to non-EU/EEA country nationals who work in Cyprus for an employer such as a company registered abroad, or for their clients located abroad. Therefore, the applicant can either be an employee or be self-employed.

The scheme provides a residence permit and aims to attract talented individuals and entrepreneurs who can work remotely and contribute to economic expansion using their technological skills. The work and effort of such individuals help to develop what the Ministry of the Interior calls “the business ecosystem” of the country.

Basic information

The Digital Nomad residence permit is valid for one year with a possibility of renewal for another two years. The digital nomad will be living in Cyprus, work remotely, and will be location-independent.

His/her family members can reside in Cyprus for the same amount of time as the digital nomad. The family members can be a spouse or partner in a civil union and underaged children. However, they must not engage in economic activity while in Cyprus.

Please note that, on 3 March 2022, the Council of Ministers placed a ceiling of 500 permits under the Digital Nomad Visa scheme.

Digital Nomad taxes

Provided the digital nomad is not a tax resident of another country, he/she can be considered a tax resident of Cyprus. This is so if he/she resides for a total of 183 days in Cyprus within the same tax year (1 January to 31 December; the tax year coincides with the calendar year).

As a tax resident, the digital nomad in Cyprus will be considered a High Net Worth individual and claim certain tax benefits. For example, no tax on dividend income or capital gains from the sale or transfer of shares, bonds, and other financial instruments.

Requirements for a Cyprus Digital Nomad visa

Upon arrival, the applicant has three months to submit his/her application and documents to the Civil Registry and Migration Department. It is advisable for the applicant to enter Cyprus with a tourist visa.

If the applicant is already residing in Cyprus under a different status, he/she can still apply, provided that he/she fulfills the applicable criteria.

These criteria are that a digital nomad in Cyprus should:

  • Use telecommunications technology to perform work remotely while residing in Cyprus.
  • Work for an employer or clients from abroad (see above); and,
  • Prove that he/she has an income of at least EUR 3,500, which is stable and sufficient for the applicant to live. The EUR 3,500 is net, but contribution and taxes must be deduced.

Moreover, the applicant must show that he/she has a suitable place to stay. Among the documents required when you apply for the digital nomad visa is a title deed or rental for a house or apartment (please see the Civil Registry and Migration Department list of documents in the link below).

List of required documents

Application form: MVIS4 (PDF, 149 KB).

The list of documents required to apply for a Cyprus digital nomad visa is long and includes:

  • Copy of valid passport, validity at least 3 months from application submission.
  • Evidence of stable income (see above).
  • Original blood analysis showing that the applicant is free from certain conditions.
  • Certificate of health insurance.
  • A clear or “clean” criminal record (original certificate)

Full list at: http://www.moi.gov.cy/

Government fees

Residence permit: €70 for each family member.

For initial registration at the Aliens’ Registry: €70 (payable only once).

Application processing time

A digital nomad visa is obtained within 5-7 weeks.

Once applied allowed to stay until the residence permit is issued.

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