Personal injuries, negligence and car accidents lawyers in Cyprus

Updated: May 11, 2023

We focus on providing effective services and achieving the best possible result for the client regarding torts and personal injuries. We have considerable experience in dealing with claims related to road traffic accidents, and we can negotiate your claim to achieve the best possible result. Having a car accident lawyer to defend your rights in these kinds of cases is very important since damages from personal injuries must be compensated well, and the amount of the compensation has to reflect the real needs of the client arising from the accident. The lawyer will be entitled to communicate with your Insurance as well as the other party(ies) insurance and ask for the amount that should be offered to you, providing the legal basis (similar court cases) and the necessary documentation to prove what has happened and the possible injuries that the client has. Failing to compromise with the Insurance, the client has the right to start a legal case against the other party(ies).

Negligence corresponds to many areas, such as negligence in road accidents, negligence from your employer, and failure to take the appropriate precautions for the safety of his/her employees. Furthermore, negligence can be shown by any person that has a duty to act in a certain way, with care towards you, and fails to do it, causing you damage(s). In legal terms, negligence is a breach of a duty of care that results in damage. When damages arise, either physical or material, due to negligence, they can be compensated; thus, legal measures must be taken against the person in breach of the duty of care.

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