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George K. Konstantinou Law Firm has been serving clients since 1983 with measurable success. We are always ready to help you with each process of your case and we promise you the highest quality of service. Our legal professionals approach each new case with proper attention and care.

George Konstantinou

Founder of the firm

Lawyer, Legal Consultant

George K Konstantinou has studied law at the University of Thessaloniki and has graduated in 1981. He was admitted at the Cyprus bar association in 1982 and at the time he set up his own law firm. He has extensive experience in a variety of legal aspects and matters.

Marios Konstantinou


Lawyer, Legal Consultant

Marios Konstantinou has studied law at Leeds Metropolitan University and graduated in 2011. The following year was admitted at the Cyprus Bar Association. Marios has a legal experience of 12 years and his been working since at George K. Konstantinou law firm.

Stalo Konstantinou


Lawyer, Legal Consultant

Stalo Konstantinou owns a Bsc in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Laws from Neapolis University and she is also an owner of a diploma in the Russian Language obtained in 2015 at St. Petersburg. She was admitted at the Cyprus Bar Association in 2017 and started working at George K. Konstantinou law firm on the same year.

Our history


George K. Konstantinou Law Firm was formed with the goal of building a firm that people could trust and with the main focus being serving the legal needs of the clients. George Konstantinou is the firm’s founding partner. In 1983 he launched his first law office at Saripolou street right in the historic centre of Limassol.


Marios Konstantinou, the son of George Konstantinou, after graduating from University joined the firm. The firm is now expanding to a new office in the centre of Limassol.


Stalo Konstantinou, the daughter of George Konstantinou, after graduating from University joined the company. Now it is a family run business focusing on various legal aspects.

Licensed lawyers in Cyprus

We are fully licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Lawyers Association, the authority which regulates the legal profession in Cyprus.

Legal services for local and international clients

We provide clients with premier-quality services having wide experience in Cyprus law and procedures and also are able to assist international clients for their investments, immigration planning or business activities in Cyprus. We have Greek, English and Russian-speaking lawyers in Limassol.

Personal approach and care

What differentiate us, is the personal approach and care we give to each new client and each new case. We are always available and ready to provide solutions to any issue the client might face so that the procedures proceed smoothly. Our immigration department is led by the head of our firm George Konstantinou and the partners Marios Konstantinou and legal associate Stalo Konstantinou.

Our law office is a Registered Service Provider in the Registry of the Cyprus Investment Programme with Reg. No. 110.

Reviews From Our Clients

My wife and I living in the UK wanted to sell her old family home and adjacent plots in Mandria village outside Limassol. We had made lots of enquiries from friends and experts and we were quite daunted with the task ahead, arranging PoA's in London, sorting out the deeds, capital gains tax was a worry, the bank accepting the monies (KYC) and could we get it all done in one working week's visit to Limassol. Well we rang several Cyprus law firms in the UK and in Cyprus and were quite frightened by some who said it was an enormous task and would cost a small fortune. There was the land registry, the tax office, the contracts, visits to the courts to verify everything, the PoA's and the bank investigations. We were quite set back. Then I spoke with Marios of Konstantinou Law in Limassol and straight away he put me at ease, explained the process and gave me confidence that he could handle it all. He organised most of the work before we travelled, the PoA's, identifications, contracts etc. Once we arrived in Limassol he accompanied us to the land registry, courts, tax office and liaised with our bank. There was a bit of running around to do on the week of completion but it was all done and dusted by the Thursday and we had a relaxing end of the week thanks to Konstantinou Law, thank you Marios and Evie, oh and it was all done at one fixed very reasonable price. We would highly recommend GK Law Firm especially if you are UK based and transacting in Cyprus.

Conleth McCallan

star star star star star
I am extremely happy with the service I received from George K. Konstantinou law firm and especially Marios, a person I've been working with for 2 different cases, and both so amazingly well executed, could not be happier. First one was to help my parents to purchase the apartment here in Limassol, without them even being here physically. Marios made the whole process run so smooth and fast, handled all the needed prodecures himself, I didnt need to bother for anything, especially without having a proper time during a week to handle things on my own. In a shortest perios possible we had title deeds under my parents name with 0 hassle from our side. Second case was the Cyprus Permanent Residency F visa application for my parents, and again Marios made sure we are fully prepared beforehand, assisted with any question I had, during day, late evening, holidays - doesnt matter. And all this high-end service with very affordable prices, that makes me fully enjoy working with Marios. I am very happy to have such honest and genuine lawyer, now with any legal questions - I know I can find the relible answer from Marios. I would love to highly recommend Marios and George K. Konstantinou law firm to every person who seeks an affordable, fast and caring service.

Lola Negmatova

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We have been serving clients since 1983 with measurable success.
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