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Updated: May 02, 2024

We provide advice and deal with all matters relating to Cyprus immigration law. Our dedicated team of lawyers has much experience in the Cyprus Investment Program and its provisions, immigration permits, permanent residence permits, employment permits, citizenship applications and visas.

Our lawyers are dedicated to advising you and planning your immigration applications most efficiently, having great experience in Cyprus law and procedures.

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Our experts undertake the procedure until your immigration application is finished to ensure everything is processed smoothly.

More specifically, we advise and prepare required documents, complete application forms, book meetings with the migration department or district units, submit the application, attend the meeting with you (if your presence is necessary), follow your application process, and collect your permits or documents.

We are immigration lawyers based in Limassol, Cyprus, but we undertake applications and provide services in any city, including Nicosia, Paphos, and Larnaca.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the new immigration law in Cyprus?

The new immigration law in Cyprus, revised in 2023, outlines criteria for permanent residence permits for investors, requiring an investment of EUR 300,000 and a secure annual income of EUR 50,000 for the applicant, increased by EUR 15,000 for the spouse and EUR 10,000 for each dependent child. The law is based on various statutes, including the Aliens and Immigration Regulations and Civil Registry Law N 14(I)/2002.

What is the 183 rule in Cyprus?

The 183 rule in Cyprus stipulates that if an individual spends over 183 days in a tax year in Cyprus, they are considered a tax resident for that year and are liable to pay tax on their global income in Cyprus.

Can I apply to the Cyprus Civil Registry and Migration Department through a representative?

Yes, applicants often apply through representatives such as lawyers for investors, educational institutions for students, and agents or employers for employment applicants. After approval, the applicant must provide biometric data in Cyprus.

How can I invite a third-country national to Cyprus?

To invite a third-country national to Cyprus, submit a hosting form and an original letter of guarantee to the Civil Registry and Migration Department, along with a copy of the invitee's passport. The guarantee amount varies by country. By signing the hosting form, you accept responsibility for the invitee's accommodation, board, medical expenses, and adherence to visa validity.

How can I immigrate to Cyprus?

EU nationals can enter Cyprus without restrictions but must register within four months. Non-EU nationals (TCNs) must apply for a permit, which can be temporary or permanent, covering categories like workers, students, and investors.

Can I get a permanent residence permit?

You can obtain a permanent residence permit in Cyprus by meeting specific conditions and fitting into certain categories, such as investors, self-employed individuals, employees, etc.

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