Marios Konstantinou

Marios Konstantinou

Partner, Lawyer and Legal Consultant
Marios is a reliable and eager property and immigration lawyer, approaching clients and people with discreet professionalism and quiet expertise.

About Marios

Marios focuses on work that relates to property and immigration. He regularly undertakes land sales and transfers, conveyancing, temporary and permanent residence applications, and taxation relating to land and third-country nationals. Additionally, he advises on a broad range of areas involving third-country nationals, such as citizenship and investments in Cyprus properties and companies. His significant experience enables him to guide clients and defend their rights in complex real estate and company transactions and immigration processes and disputes.

Having graduated from Leeds Beckett University with a law degree, Marios acquired his professional license and joined the firm. Led by a strong sense of family duty, he faces every day at the office with determination, efficiency and the ability to work under pressure. For Marios, work is both a profession and a way of life.

Clients and associates appreciate his calm and polite manner and his knowledge of legal affairs. He handles all cases relating to property and immigration, regularly dealing with documentation, coordination, and the paperwork involved when people relocate from one country to another and the difficulties they face when doing so.

Marios loves the action of football and the more esoteric hobbies of gardening and swimming. This way, he combines his long-held interest in nature with sports and activity.

Areas of practice

  • Companies Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Property Law
  • Litigation in Cyprus


  • Cyprus Bar Association - Member


  • Leeds Beckett University, 2010 - Bachelor’s Degree in Law
Denis Kovalskiy

Many thanks to Marios and Christiana trully amazing people and high professionals. They helped me issue an id for my mother, was guiding and helping me on every step and answered on every my question, always online, always ready to help. Definetely if I ever require any legal assitance - they are my primary choice. Thanks again, keep up the good work!

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Marios Procopiou

Worked with this diamond of a business and appreciated the prompt response and professionalism. Marios and Christiana are the most reliable associates one can find and work is done 101% to the last detail!

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Evgheni Marusceac

If I could I would provide a 10 star rating ⭐ My family needed a lawyer to help us move to Cyprus from North America and contacted Marios from this firm. The experience and level of service was excellent and perfect from start to finish. We were provided with answers to all our questions from large to small, our immigration process was guided from understanding the necessary documents, laws, regulations, real estate market and timelines. Marios was always timely and professional and went above and beyond to ensure success in our immigration. The services are fairly priced and provide an amazing value. A real start to finish experience. This was the only time in my life I actually enjoyed working with a lawyer.

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Maik G

We were accompanied by Marios Konstantinou in the purchase of our property in Kapparis, Paralimni district. From the very first meeting we had the feeling that we were in good hands and that we were being represented by a full professional in real estate law. Anyone who knows Cyprus knows that things are different here and there are some pitfalls for which it is better to have someone who is familiar with them at your side. Once we chose a property that Marios thought was “safe,” everything ran like Swiss clockwork. Marios organized and accompanied everything professionally, from the down payment to document review, purchase agreement, payment and title deed. There really wasn't a single surprise!!! Even the additional purchasing costs and his own fee are exact and were communicated right from the start. Perhaps it should also be mentioned that even our Cypriot friends are impressed by Marios' work and describe it as extraordinary. In short - if you are looking for a professional lawyer for real estate law, GK Lawfirm is the right place for you! We will make our next purchase with Marios again! (Translated from German)

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Amir Vaknin

Excellent law firm, excellent service to you all the way Marios is always available for any question, request, problem and always at fair prices. Highly recommend. (Translated from Hebrew).

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Maria Pieretti

We had an extremely great experience with Marios from the moment we met him, he gave us all the advice and support we needed with a very positive attitude, we felt very reassured and comfortable dealing with Marios and we highly recommend using him for any legal matters as he knows exactly what he is doing. He was very honest and patient with us from the beginning with all the questions we asked and very proactive with his communication. He went the extra mile for us and for that we are greatful. He is the best lawyer in Cyprus!

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Dennis Snijders

We have worked with George K. Konstantinou LLC to buy a property for which the title deeds were not transferred from the developer to the house owner (from whom we bought the house). Marios Konstantinou and his team went to great lengths to get the title deeds transferred and in 2022 we were able to buy the property. I am very grateful for the diligence, persistence, personal care and hard work of George K. Konstantinou LLC.

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Alexia Antoniou

I used Marios Konstantinou for my relocation from the UK to Cyprus. The whole process of immigration, house purchase and wills was professional and efficient at all stages of the process. Marios was always available to provide accurate advice, answer questions and provide me with calm reassurance at all times. I will be using the Konstantinou family firm for all legal matters in the future. Would thoroughly recommend.

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Joanna Chow

Recommended! Marios is very professional, helping us with the house buying process, applying for permanent residence, and even providing free contact services for opening a local bank account. He also provided free contact services on choosing investment locations, the quality of developers, and the pros and cons of different immigration programs. A very pertinent opinion. Especially when we arrived in Cyprus for inspection, he provided a lot of general assistance. When we got lost, we turned to him for help! It is worth mentioning that Marios is a sincere lawyer and did not argue with us every second (we only signed the service contract and paid the first installment of service fees after visiting the local area and preparing to return to Hong Kong. Before that, Marios had already My numerous questions and inquiries were answered via email and whatsapp) and there was not a single moment of the entire process that made us feel bad. He is also very attentive. Despite the time difference, he almost immediately responds to my WhatsApp messages at any time. This is very helpful for us remote applicants! If you are interested in Cyprus immigration or permanent residence program, I definitely recommend Marios’ services. Li Shen: We contacted Marios in August 2019, went to the site to inspect and sign the temporary sales contract of the building in October, formally submitted the paperwork to apply for permanent residence in December, and the permanent residence was officially approved in July (delayed due to the shutdown due to the epidemic) Approval), now wait for the appropriate time to go to the local place to get a permanent residence ID card. (Machine translation from Traditional Chinese).

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Idan Szklarz

Very good service from the beginning. Marios was available for any question and request even outside working hours. Most definitely will come back in the future. Thanks again!

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How We Can Help?

Whether you are facing a legal case or you are interested in investing in Cyprus, we are here to assist you. Our team of dedicated lawyers can offer you legal consultation with responsibility on any matter you might be dealing with. Don’t hesitate to contact us through e-mail or give us phone call to arrange a meeting for a free consultation.
Marios Konstantinou
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