The legal profession in Cyprus

By George Konstantinou

Updated: December 04, 2023

The legal profession in Cyprus is regulated by the Advocates Law Chapter 2. This legislation established the Cyprus Bar Association (CBA), the regulatory body of lawyers with over 4000 members.

The main duty of the CBA is to control the practice of the legal profession in Cyprus. The aim is high standards of services and ethics to be followed by its members.

Further, we also have the Local Bar Associations comprising all Cyprus lawyers practicing the profession in each District. There are six Local Bar Associations, one for each of the six districts of Cyprus:

  • Nicosia,
  • Limassol,
  • Larnaka,
  • Pafos,
  • Famagusta,
  • Kerynia.

Thus, a Cypriot lawyer is a CBA and a Local District Association member.

The Advocates Law – Code of Conduct Regulations

Each member practicing law in Cyprus must follow the Rules of Conduct of the Legal Profession. The above-mentioned rules of professional ethics can be classified into the following two categories:

  1. Duties towards the Government, the Society, and the Courts of law.
  2. Duties owed to clients and colleagues.

Amongst lawyers, there must be respect and integrity. The legal profession is truthful, and the practice of law is an "art" based on legal science.

Practicing Law

Only licensed members of the CBA are allowed to Practice Law and offer legal services in Cyprus. Those include the below:

  • appearing before any Court;
  • drafting pleadings on behalf of clients;
  • registration of trademarks, patents, and companies;
  • drawing, reviewing, and amending any Memorandum or Articles of Association;
  • registering or dissolving companies;
  • registering ships, alteration of all rights on a ship;
  • preparing legal opinions;
  • drawing or perusing any document filed in Court for administration purposes under the Administration of Estates Law.

Membership of the CBA – qualifying as a lawyer in Cyprus

To be able to join the Cyprus Bar Association, you need to hold a university degree in Law. Then you can initially register as a Trainee Lawyer. You can join as a trainee at any established law firm in Cyprus or the Attorney General’s office. The training period is 12 months.

On completion, the trainee will need to pass exams of the Legal Council.

This exam covers a wide range of areas of law. The purpose is to strengthen the knowledge of the CBA members of the Cyprus Laws and legal procedures. To become a lawyer in Cyprus, the trainee needs to pass the following modules:

  1. Constitutional Law
  2. Contract Law
  3. Law of Evidence
  4. Torts
  5. Criminal Law
  6. Civil and Criminal Procedure
  7. Real Estate Property Law
  8. Wills and Succession Law
  9. Courts of Justice / Advocates Law
  10. Company & International Tax Law
  11. Family Law

On successful completion, the trainee can be registered as an advocate and practice law in Cyprus.

It is also to be noted that there is no division in the legal profession. Despite the legal system being based on the English model, the distinction between solicitors and barristers is not followed. The qualification is just a single title, Cyprus Lawyer or Cyprus Advocate.

Legal services through an LLC (Limited Liability Company)

The lawyers based in Cyprus are also allowed to perform their services through an LLC company. Such a company can offer a full range of legal services to local and international clients.

European Union Lawyers

Following the country's membership in the EU, lawyers from other Member states may practice in Cyprus provided they fulfill certain criteria.

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