Cyprus permanent residence by marriage to Cypriot

Updated: September 02, 2023

Third-country nationals (non-European Union Citizens) married to Cypriot citizens are entitled to apply for the Cyprus residency permit. This also applies to the following family members of a Cypriot citizen and his spouse:

  • their children under 18 years old from a previous marriage,
  • their parents-in-law.

A benefit of a residence permit by marriage is the right to stay in Cyprus with no limitations.

Required documents for PR by marriage

  • Passport or identity card of the Cypriot citizen and the applicant
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Non-Marriage Certificate of the spouse (if was single before the marriage)
  • Copy of divorce and Affidavit of the spouse and the Cypriot who was not married since the issuance divorce
  • Health Insurance (if the Cypriot Citizen is not working)
  • Proof of stable and sufficient income
  • Certificate of Social insurance contributions of the Cypriot citizen(if applies)
  • The title deed of a property in Cyprus or Rental Agreement duly certified by a certifying officer and stamped at the tax office(original & copy bearing two stamps worth)
  • Birth Certificate (for children from a previous marriage)

Application Procedure

The applications are submitted at the Migration District Unit of the city where the applicants live.

The applicant might get a temporary residency the first two times he/she applies. This will have validity for a year each time. On the third renewal, a permanent residence might be granted.

However, if the couple has been married for many years or has children, the department might give them permanent residency from the first time they apply.

Citizenship application of Cypriot spouse

The Cypriot spouse, after receiving the permanent residency, can apply for the acquisition of Cypriot citizenship if he/she complies with the following:

  • completing three years of marriage before the date of application
  • two years of residence in the Republic

Government Fees

For each PR application - €120

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