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General litigation

 Our Litigation team is well experienced, and they offer professional support to the legal matter of any nature you might be facing. From sending a simple letter to the other party to promote your demand to starting a court procedure against the other party, our Litigation team can manage your request for dealing and dissolving an issue or accruing compensation for you.


In many cases you can contact us to ask whether you can start court proceedings to defend your rights or when you are the defendant in a court case and you require a lawyer to defend you, regarding:

  • Torts that have taken place ( e.g. road traffic accidents, negligence)
  • Issues that you face with your bank (e.g. contracts explanation, violation of contract)
  • Family law disputes
  • Employment contracts and claims
  • Contractual claims arising from any type of contract you might have formed
  • Rental agreements issues
  • Criminal cases
  • Personal Injury Claims


 Whether your rights are being ignored by another party or you need a lawyer to defend you in a court case our litigation team can assist you. “Laws have been imposed in order to monitor and defend human rights on a local, EU and International level.”

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8:00 am–1:00 pm, 3:00 pm–6:00 pm
8:00 am–1:00 pm, 3:00 pm–6:00 pm
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