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The Cypriot Corporate Law is based on the United Kindom’s Companies Law of 1948. The law regulates the formation, existence and monitoring of the Cypriot Companies. Our law follows the directives and regulations of the EU.  Whether you are interested in launching a startup or a small business a legal advice and the preparation and filing of the appropriate documents to the government from a lawyer is essential. Our legal team can assist you in registering for example a brand name, a Cypriot Company, a Partnership, a branch of your existing company, a Cypriot Investment Company or an International Business Company exercising business in Cyprus or abroad.  Our legal team can handle corporate law issues regarding the launching, management and administration of Cypriot Corporate Companies. Our corporate services are expanding beyond the simple registration of the Cypriot Company. If you are interested in investing in Cyprus through launching a business, please contact us for further information on the aforementioned subject.  Furthermore, our legal team can assist you in a range of legal matters relating to Commercial Law such as concluding agreements, resolving disputes, providing opinions, and more

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