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George K. Konstantinou 律師事務所自1983年以來一直為客戶服務,取得了可觀的成就。 我們隨時準備為您的案件處理提供幫助,並承諾為您提供最高的服務質量。 我們的法律專業人士會在處理每個新案件時給予適當的關注和照顧。

George Konstantinou



“喬治·康斯坦丁努(George Konstantinou)”在塞薩洛尼基大學學習法律。他於1981年畢業。他於1982年被塞浦路斯律師協會錄取,並於同年成立了自己的律師事務所。他在各種法律方面和事務上都有豐富的經驗。

Marios Konstantinou



Marios Konstantinou在利茲城市大學學習法律,並於2011年畢業。第二年被塞浦路斯律師協會錄取。 Marios擁有9年的法律經驗,自George Konstantinou律師事務所開始工作。

Stalo Konstantinou



Stalo Konstantinou擁有工商管理學士學位和Neapolis大學的法學學士學位,她還是2015年在聖彼得堡獲得的俄語語言研究文憑的所有者。她於2017年被塞浦路斯律師協會錄取, 並於同年開始在George Konstantinou律師事務所工作。



成立“喬治·康斯坦丁努”律師事務所的目的是建立人們可以信賴的律師事務所。公司的主要重點是服務於客戶的法律需求。 George Konstantinou是該公司的創始合夥人。 1983年,他在利馬索爾歷史中心的Saripolou街開設了自己的第一個律師事務所。


喬治的兒子Marios Konstantinou從大學畢業後加入了公司。該公司正在擴展並搬遷到利馬索爾中心的新辦事處。






我們提供優質的服務。我們在塞浦路斯法律和塞浦路斯程序方面擁有豐富的經驗。我們可以協助國際客戶進行投資,移民計劃以及塞浦路斯的其他商業活動。 我們在利馬索爾擁有希臘語,英語和俄語的律師。


我們與眾不同的是我們提供的個人方法。我們隨時準備提供解決方案。我們的目標是使程序順利進行。我們的移民部門由George Konstantinou,Marios Konstantinou和Stalo Konstantinou管理。

我們的律師事務所是塞浦路斯投資計劃註冊處的註冊服務提供商。 (註冊號110)

Reviews From Our Clients

My wife and I living in the UK wanted to sell her old family home and adjacent plots in Mandria village outside Limassol. We had made lots of enquiries from friends and experts and we were quite daunted with the task ahead, arranging PoA's in London, sorting out the deeds, capital gains tax was a worry, the bank accepting the monies (KYC) and could we get it all done in one working week's visit to Limassol. Well we rang several Cyprus law firms in the UK and in Cyprus and were quite frightened by some who said it was an enormous task and would cost a small fortune. There was the land registry, the tax office, the contracts, visits to the courts to verify everything, the PoA's and the bank investigations. We were quite set back. Then I spoke with Marios of Konstantinou Law in Limassol and straight away he put me at ease, explained the process and gave me confidence that he could handle it all. He organised most of the work before we travelled, the PoA's, identifications, contracts etc. Once we arrived in Limassol he accompanied us to the land registry, courts, tax office and liaised with our bank. There was a bit of running around to do on the week of completion but it was all done and dusted by the Thursday and we had a relaxing end of the week thanks to Konstantinou Law, thank you Marios and Evie, oh and it was all done at one fixed very reasonable price. We would highly recommend GK Law Firm especially if you are UK based and transacting in Cyprus.

Conleth McCallan

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I am extremely happy with the service I received from George K. Konstantinou law firm and especially Marios, a person I've been working with for 2 different cases, and both so amazingly well executed, could not be happier. First one was to help my parents to purchase the apartment here in Limassol, without them even being here physically. Marios made the whole process run so smooth and fast, handled all the needed prodecures himself, I didnt need to bother for anything, especially without having a proper time during a week to handle things on my own. In a shortest perios possible we had title deeds under my parents name with 0 hassle from our side. Second case was the Cyprus Permanent Residency F visa application for my parents, and again Marios made sure we are fully prepared beforehand, assisted with any question I had, during day, late evening, holidays - doesnt matter. And all this high-end service with very affordable prices, that makes me fully enjoy working with Marios. I am very happy to have such honest and genuine lawyer, now with any legal questions - I know I can find the relible answer from Marios. I would love to highly recommend Marios and George K. Konstantinou law firm to every person who seeks an affordable, fast and caring service.

Lola Negmatova

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